About Game Direction

We’re an indie game publisher focusing on evolving game development that allows new or veteran designers to publish and release their creations. We believe in accessibility, inclusion, and widening the board games audience. We like to consider ourselves as the introduction to playing board games.

While our games might challenge you, they’ll respect your time, they’ll make sure you can play, and most importantly, they’ll never punish you.

GameDirection Games are:
⦿ Easy-going: They don’t require prior gaming knowledge, special skills, or feats of dexterity to enjoy.
⦿ Bite-sized: Our games can be played a little at a time, can be set up quickly, and can be learned easily.
⦿ Stress-free: You have enough stress in the rest of your life. Our games offer challenges without frustration or shame.

GameDirection Accessibility

We at GameDirection have made it our mission to provide inclusive games for all players. Part of that mission includes making our games accessible to players across a spectrum of lived experience and preferences. To assist players in deciding if they can play or want to play our games, we've compiled lists of accessibility features and options for each of our titles.

We're dedicated to providing as accessible a board game experience as we can, and are constantly working to improve in that regard.

If you have any feedback, please email us at: [email protected]

⦿ Snack Attack
⦿ Dungeons and Dinos
⦿ Emberwind