Alexander Sierputowski 

+ Game & Graphic Designer
+ Printing and Production
+ Marketing and Sales
+ Logistic & Project Management

Designing with Acessibility

The emphasis on accessibility in game and graphic design reflects a broader commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that games and products are not only fun and engaging but also accessible to the widest possible audience. This approach not only serves the needs of individuals with specific requirements but also enhances the overall experience for all players, much like the widespread benefits of a wheelchair ramp or inclusion of auditorial descriptions.

Snack Attack was a premium example of integrating accessibility into game design.

Production and Automation

Design and production management, combining creative flexibility and efficiency. Mastery in non-destructive editing and modular design streamlines workflows, enabling easy updates and expansions. Skillful application of these techniques in both the gaming and print industries highlights adaptability and foresight. my portfolio showcases projects that are innovative, efficient, and adaptable, reflecting his high industry standards.

Potion Commotion

As a voluntary project under the banner of GameDirection showcases a compelling example of how a community-driven effort can lead to impressive design and expedited development, even with limited resources. Directing a small team to create a marketable product in just under 6 months

Sell Sheet

Knowing what is important

A sell sheet is a physical version of an elevator pitch. Sometimes referred to as a “one page,” a sell sheet concisely explains your product or service and how it solves a problem. A strong sell sheet will be visually enticing, be easy to read, be to the point, and contain a direct call to action.

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Branding and Printing

High-quality premium design output is distinctively enriched by his extensive understanding and background in the print industry. This expertise allows him to seamlessly bridge the gap between digital design and physical print, ensuring that every project is primed for a smooth transition to print.

Designs are not just visually compelling but are also meticulously crafted with a deep knowledge of print considerations, such as color accuracy, material selection, and print-specific formatting. With an approach that integrates design finesse with a comprehensive understanding of printing processes, Alex anticipates and addresses potential production challenges, facilitating a more efficient and effective printing experience.

Alex's ability to merge creative design with practical print solutions makes his services invaluable, delivering not just aesthetically appealing designs but also high-quality, print-ready results that meet and exceed client expectations.

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A strategic opportunity for your company to gain a professional with a unique blend of creative design expertise and in-depth knowledge of the printing industry, ensuring both innovative solutions and efficient print production processes.



Having collaborated with over +330 clients and providing support in promoting their brands and launching their products through platforms such as Kickstarter, Indigogo, and their own self run campaigns.

A good simple game

Kings Entertainment

The Modrn Wave logo looks great on the site!

Flavian Rosca

Standing out as a visionary in design and production management, seamlessly blending efficiency, creativity, and meticulous attention to quality. His expertise in non-destructive editing techniques ensures flexible and iterative design processes, allowing for continuous improvement without sacrificing previous work. Alex's adeptness in modular design not only streamlines project workflows but also facilitates effortless updates and expansions, exemplifying his forward-thinking approach. His ability to implement these strategies in both the gaming and print industries, as showcased in his work with GameDirection and Minuteman Press, reflects a deep understanding of diverse design dynamics. Alex's portfolio, a testament to his proficiency, is marked by projects that are not only creatively robust but also efficient and adaptable, setting a high bar in the industry.

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