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Iron Impetigo™

Amidst chaos and strife, alliances are formed, ancient magics are invoked, and a ray of hope emerges. As they brace for further turmoil, will the unity between the cursed Flora Fairies and Reerunya's band be the key to their survival? Dive into this enchanting tale to find out.

"Iron Impetigo" is a riveting tale of magic, courage, and unlikely alliances. In the mystical realm of Faerie, the Seelie Flora Fairy Daffodil's serene life is shattered when her meadow – a key border crossing between the human and fairy world – is poisoned by cold iron, a deadly substance for the fey. The devastating iron impetigo catastrophe mutilates the flora and fauna and robs Daffodil and her kin of their peace.

Both Softback and Ebook are avalible on Kindle today!